At Corinthian Capital, we recognize that entrepreneurs and management teams have spent years building their businesses, and they take great pride in their significant accomplishments. Selecting the right partner for the next phase of a company's growth is an important decision that depends on much more than just capital. Entrepreneurs and management teams want an equity partner who shares their unique vision for the future. Given our collaborative approach and basic personal values, we are an excellent choice for an entrepreneur or a management team seeking to take their company to its next level of success. We hold ourselves to the same high standard of results driven teamwork as our portfolio companies.

We strongly encourage a proactive spirit. Success thrives within a working environment built on honesty, fairness, analytical rigor, inclusiveness, and consensus. Having worked together for over 20 years, we understand that these personal relationship factors are extremely important to future economic success.

At Corinthian Capital, we spend the time necessary to understand the unique value of a niche business and the strengths of the entrepreneurs and management teams that have built their successful companies. Once we make the decision to pursue an investment opportunity, we work diligently to expedite the closing. We understand that the transaction process is distracting to the company, and we work to minimize interruptions. We want the entrepreneurs and management teams to remain focused on growing their businesses. After the closing, we work in collaboration with the entrepreneurs and management teams to implement our agreed upon strategic initiatives and future growth plans.