The Corinthian Capital principals have a long history of growing companies and creating value. Our intent is not to be involved in day-to-day operations, but rather to augment the capabilities of the management team with our deep experience and contacts. We take an active role on each company's board of directors and act as a trusted advisor to the firm. We provide strategic and financial direction, and regularly interact with the company's senior executives. Our portfolio management is strengthened through a broad network of service providers, outside operating professionals and consultants, with whom we have worked over many years, and who provide sector specific expertise as needed.

Corinthian Capital leverages the experience of its principals and operating partners to optimize a company's performance through mutually developed financial, strategic and operational growth initiatives. These initiatives may include investing in add-on acquisitions, pursuing new markets, and providing for growth capital expenditures and working capital investments. By drawing upon a unique blend of operational, legal, financial, strategic and investment expertise, Corinthian Capital functions as an important supplement to the management team.