Control Solutions

Control Solutions LLC, headquartered in Aurora, IL, is a provider of innovative, microprocessor-based motion control products for a variety of applications in the commercial, medical and military markets. The company pioneered the development of several features relating to the commercial use of application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC) in motor control devices which it has successfully extended into the medical and military markets. The company designs, assembles and markets a diversified line of standard and semi-custom products for motion control applications, including motor controllers, user interfaces, battery chargers, cables and a specialized line of durable medical equipment. These products are utilized to deliver engineered electromechanical systems and solutions to its customers in its various served markets.

Control Solution's core ASIC design is highly adaptable and enables the company to customize products for many other applications that require motion control. The company's motion control products perform a number of functions, including: automated means for starting and stopping motors, selecting forward or reverse rotation, regulating speed and torque, and protecting against overloads and faults. The ability to quickly develop customized solutions has enabled Control Solutions to attract and retain a variety of key customers. The company differentiates itself by offering complete motion control systems assembled from its various component products. The company's solutions include turret control systems and electrical door assist systems used in military vehicles to provide military personnel the ability to quickly and safely access and exit vehicles.

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