AVL Digital Group

AVL Digital Group, is the world's leading self-publishing platform for independent content creators—musicians, filmmakers and authors, as well as a wide range of institutional clients. The company’s proven multi-channel marketing model includes a strong social marketing presence, industry-leading web search optimization, as well as email and catalog marketing.

These well-known brands are part of the AVL Digital Group:

CD Baby is the world’s largest digital distributor and retailer of independent music. CD Baby’s online store sells music by over 300,000 artists, allowing those artists to maximize their music revenues by selling directly to fans. CD Baby is the largest content provider to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and dozens of other digital music stores and streaming sites.

HostBaby is the leading web hosting platform for independent musicians and authors. HostBaby specializes in simple, DIY website building, allowing clients to build sophisticated, professional websites without needing to know web programming or design.

Disc Makers is the leading independent music disc project manufacturer in the U.S. With full in-house mastering, replication, printing, and packaging services, Disc Makers delivers the highest quality at industry-leading turn times.

Oasis is a widely recognized brand for independent artists to complete their music projects. Specializing in green and sensible packaging options, Oasis has built a large and loyal following among a wide range of artists.

BookBaby is one of the most recognized and respected brands in the world of eBook publishing and distribution. BookBaby enables independent authors to publish their own books by offering complete eBook conversion and related services.